Blu Ocean Games Guild Announces its Primary Focus to be on Heroes of Mavia

Blu Ocean Games Guild
6 min readJun 14, 2022

Blu Ocean Games Guild (BOGG) which has recently bursted publicly onto the web3 play-to-earn scene is now announcing their primary focus. Heroes of Mavia, which is the first AAA Blockchain Base Builder Game where you grow and command your army consisting of infantry, vehicle and air units to victory.

Inspired by Axie Infinity and Clash of Clans, BOGG feels the project is led by an extremely talented and charismatic team and are thrilled to inject themselves into the community and become a household, Heroes of Mavia, name as their organization's primary focus in the play-to-earn space.

A little more info on Heroes of Mavia: It will accommodate both Free-To-Play players and NFT owners, earning $RUBY, primarily, by conquering enemy bases throughout the world of Mavia, successfully defending against players, uncovering something lucky from removing a obstacle on your base, or maybe winning a tournament as a Free-To-Play player.

There is also a $MAVIA governance token making this project a two token system. For example, it can be earned by lending out your NFT land asset in a safe and secure way for other players to utilize through Mavia’s unique Partnership feature.

There are other in-game resources such as gold and oil which are used directly within the game for training your troops to attack opponent’s bases or upgrading your defenses and other structures. There are also Hero and Statue NFTs and all bases will have 4 heroes no matter if you own a NFT land asset or are a Free-To-Play player.

BOGG believes Heroes of Mavia will be one of the best opportunities in this web3 gaming space for a thriving competitive scene and aims to contribute as much as possible to helping facilitate and promote not only that aspect but the project as a whole. Our role in Heroes of Mavia is multifaceted coming at it at every possible angle and a few such ways are expressed below so continue reading.

Mavia Elite Ambassador Program:

We are active in ‘Mavia Elite’ which is a competitive ambassador team program designed to let community members use their creativity and helpfulness to earn prizes and have fun with Mavia by spreading related content, education, community engagement, and more on a monthly basis!

Mavia Elite is a wonderful community program, unlike any other found in the play-to-earn space, and Blu Ocean Games Guild highly recommends you come check it out. There you can find a team to join as there are many talented teams all competing in a friendly and exciting ways using the Heroes of Mavia Discord as the main hub. Over time, Mavia Elite plans to potentially grow and change alongside the community and highly welcomes feedback from all participants. It’s truly an amazing experience.

What Are The Requirements For A Team?

  • A team must consist of exactly 10 people. No more, no less
  • Every team must choose 1 member to be the team captain
  • Team captains will submit final forms at the end of each month
  • There is also a special captains channel to make recommendations and improve Mavia Elite over time
  • Each team will need a unique name and logo because the winning teams will be displayed on the Mavia website!

YouTube and KOL Content:

Blu Ocean Crypto, which is part of the Blu Ocean Metaverse, alongside Blu Ocean Games Guild has a high production quality YouTube Channel and other social platforms which is setting its aim on (and already has curated a ton of educational content in respect to) gameplay strategies, tutorials, onboarding, theory crafting, development discussion, interviews of community members, live streaming of competitive or wager matches and more!

Blu Ocean Crypto aims to be the go-to source when it comes to Heroes of Mavia content on YouTube and other platforms and has already shown significant dedication and allocation of resources to make this a reality.
Come check us out here:

Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned to our channel as we come out with specifics on the details of how to go about buying NFT assets on the various platforms that host Mavia assets, project updates, the BETA, base building strategies, preparing for the official launch, and everything you can think of when it comes to Mavia!

We are also open to feedback and discussion on anything related to Mavia and host a Coffee and Crypto talk show where we have already featured different members of Blu Ocean Games Guild but plan to have people from the Mavia community on as well! We are also quite active on Twitter and Reddit, especially, so be sure to check us out there!

In Game Alliances:

Blu Ocean Games Guild will have 3 tiers of Alliances in Heroes of Mavia. It’s important to note Guild means our entire Guild whereas references to Alliance means a ingame ‘Clan’ or ‘Team’ that will be supported in game.

  1. Top tier competitive (worlds best players) where attacks need to be screenshot, annotated and submitted to a team of officers for approval before initiating war attacks, full voice and text chat. This is an esports team calibre tier of our guild. Even if top tier matches are 5-man, but the in-game Alliance supports many more players this is where the best reside.
  2. Aspiring top players (those training to be the best) players who want to be on the top tier team but need to polish their skills or train. There will be ‘scouts’ here looking to bring players up into the top tier team(s). For the most part, everything is mimicked down from the top tier group. Can consider this ‘try-outs.’
  3. Casual for Friends and Family (everyone else and in-between) friends and family who want to play but aren’t interested in the competitive aspect, or needing a break from aiming to go pro, or simply just enjoy playing the game casually with no responsibilities or duties. Everyone is welcome here.

Simply put, this allows everyone who is interested in playing Heroes of Mavia, regardless of your goals within the game, to join our family/alliance. And work their way up to the highest level competitively within our guild. There are even whispers currently of partnerships between multiple alliances to further promote and collaborate on a larger scale within the community but more on this will be released in the near future.

Blu Ocean Games Guild is planting its roots deeply within Heroes of Mavia and couldn’t be more excited for the future of the project, web3 play-to-earn gaming, and all the amazing ways to be involved. Regardless if you are a well experienced crypto veteran or completely new to this space, come join us on our discord where you can ask more questions and we’ll be happy to help you along your way with Heroes of Mavia.

We appreciate you spending a bit of time with us today to learn more about Blu Ocean Games Guild and the bright future we see for all of the play-to-earn space thanks to this revolutionary and innovative web3 project known as Heroes of Mavia.